Zero A6M5_Aleutian

Somehow the real theme of this website seems to be
long distance flight in the last century.
Today I am posting the page ‘ZERO MYTH’ by my friend Roy Day about the Japanese Zero fighter that could fly 2000 miles.
There were rumors that it was invincible…
Until one day in 1942 a PBY Catalina came across a shot-down Zero in the Aleutians..

Read also the remarkable companion story in Sport Aviation.
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Since The Rohrbach Chronicles appeared on my site in May 2014, several hundred people have viewed them and I have received several very complimentary reactions. Among them from Europe and also a great many from the United States. Some respondents were so friendly as to send me additional material about the subjects that I covered.
I am very grateful for this show of cordiality.
From time to time I intend to use the material I received to complement my archive-on-site.

Today a new, short addition with a well-known but very special photograph.

See the page: ”THE ROHRBACH ARCHIVES – Additions I


Gallaudet Hydro-Bike USA, 1898
Gallaudet Hydro-Bike USA, 1898

This blogsite was originally started as an attempt to turn the attention of (amateur) aviation historians to the Life and Works of the German airplane designer and manufacturer Adolf Rohrbach (1889-1939).

In particular, I was guided by the hope that this year, at the occasion of the 75th  anniversirary of Rohrbach’s death on
July 6th, 1939, an effort would be made by qualified historians and/or journalists to remember him in a commemorative publication and perhaps also, who knows?, by a disclosure of the true cause of his death. I do not know at this time if any newspaper or journal has paid attention to this anniversary.

The Chronology of Adolf Rohrbach, with its many references, will remain available on this site and is free for use by any one who wants to study his life.

At the same time, I would like to broaden the scope of this site to the history of machines that move through the Air or through Space and to the people who designed, manufactured or operated them.

For this purpose, the domain name of this site is as of today:


Links to the original domain name (ritstaalman.wordpress) will remain active.

Apart from the Rohrbach story, I intend to make available an extensive article on the development of Atlantic Airliners in the period between the two World Wars (work in progress, two chapters on-line).  More articles with biographical content are in preparation. For now, I am adding a performance analysis of the remarkable PBY Catalina flying boat, as well as an article which was contributed by LeRoy E. Day, CDR.USNR  Ret. titled: EARLY MISSILE LAUNCHES FROM SUBMARINES.