800px-Curtiss_NC-4_four_engine_configuration-detailPart I  Starting Point         My PDF file   ATLAIRpart1
002Part II  Bigger Airplanes        My PDF file   ATLAIRpart2
800px-Sikorsky_S-42Part III  Form and Fabric       My PDF file   ATLAIRpart3  (rev 1)
Part IV The Ultimate Propeller Airliner   My PDF file  ATLAIRpart4.dbf

——————–  end of series

——————–  free downloads on related subjects:

IGOR I. SIKORSKY (1889-1972)
Igor I. Sikorsky (1889-1972)

Historic Document:
Sikorsky lectures in London (1934):

From NACA (on the subject of large size):
NACA Giant Airplanes

From Scientific American (on the effect of  parasite drag):
   The Low-Resistance Airplane

Notes on the Amazing Glenn Martin M-130 and B-10



Watch this space       …to be continued…


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airplane construction interbellum – like Rohrbach and many other pioneers

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