As a little boy in Holland I was enraptured by the original shape of the Fokker G-1 fighting plane of 1939.
A few years later I became a (small) close witness to the atrocities of the war, as some of my schoolmates and good neighbors in the street where I lived in Amsterdam were deported because they were Jews. (They never returned.)
While living now in California and enjoying my own ‘Indian Summer’,
I found on the web the designer of the G-1, Erich Schatzki.
I also learned that he was a Jewish exile and that he and his family had been on the run for the Nazi’s since 1934. I set out to find more facts about his life.
I have added my findings in a new PDF file. If anybody can tell me more, or if somebody wants to correct an error, please leave a note!
Click here for the updated file:  alifeofflight2.pdf

airplane construction interbellum – like Rohrbach and many other pioneers

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