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Soon I plan to deposit on this website the story of Isaac Machlin Laddon and his superb creation the
PBY Catalina flying boat.

In 1934 he obtained with this airplane form that was perfect­ly matched to function.
He was so happy with it (rightly so), that he patented its shape, like Coca Cola had done with its bottle. Especially pleasing to the eye was the mounting of the high parasol wing on the fish-like hull. An original supporting structure was used; its origin puzzled the experts.

 Roscoe Creed wrote:  “…Laddon’s choices were:
–  to use struts to mount the wing as before,
–  or resort to a deep hull with a shoulder-mounted wing,
–  or a less deep hull with a gull-wing,
–  or set the wing on a pylon…
Just how and when Laddon came up with the pylon idea nobody knows…”

The article that I will be posting shortly under ‘PBY CATALINA’ pretends to give the answer.



Zero A6M5_Aleutian

Somehow the real theme of this website seems to be
long distance flight in the last century.
Today I am posting the page ‘ZERO MYTH’ by my friend Roy Day about the Japanese Zero fighter that could fly 2000 miles.
There were rumors that it was invincible…
Until one day in 1942 a PBY Catalina came across a shot-down Zero in the Aleutians..

Read also the remarkable companion story in Sport Aviation.
(Link provided.)